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Under the moniker of threepointplay (aka Warren Alsop) I am a long-time collector of basketball cards. Heralding from London, but currently based in Amman, I started buying cards in 1994 after discovering them whilst on a holiday in the U.S.A.

As opposed to being focused on a particular player tor team, I tend to like to put together sets of autograph cards. At the moment, I am concentrating on HOF & All-Star players from the 1990s. I also struggle a little with game used memorabilia cards…all those perfectly good jerseys being cut-up into small pieces is a bit of a travesty in my book!

In this little corner of the web you will find an overview of my collection, including updates as it expands. I am always happy to hear from other collectors, particularly if you can assist with removing cards from my wants list!

You can contact me here.

Keep checking back!